The Basics

Every business needs the following 3 things in place. Many businesses opt to do this themselves.

1. WEBSITE - Every business needs an attractive, mobile friendly website that gets the phone ringing or customers walking in the door. It does not have to be extravagant. It has to work. Many businesses are well served by a one page website for this purpose. We can show you how to do this or we can do it for you. The choice is yours.

2. FACEBOOK PAGE - Yes, every business needs a Facebook page, even if you think no one will look at it. You're wrong. They will. They might not follow it, they might not comment on it but they WILL look at it. At least once, and if your competition has one and you do not, well, you know how that probably ends. More importantly, Google likes that you have a Facebook page and it can be a very, very useful Local SEO tool.
Our Facebook setup and management packages are custom build and start at $75. Want to see what we can do to help you get more out of Facebook? Let's talk...

3. GOOGLE MY BUSINESS PAGE - It is critical that EVERY local business have a claimed and fully up to date Google My Business page. A GMB page is the backbone of your Local SEO efforts. Without a claimed, up to date GMB page, your competition will beat you out when customers search for a local business that offers the products or services that you offer. Don't let that happen. Fix it today or let us help you do it.

Relax and know that your webhosting needs are covered by us even when you aren't paying attention

Every website must have a hosting account. A host account includes server space to house your website files to make your website available to browsers on the internet and domain based email accounts. We offer host accounts to our own website design clients and we offer host accounts to clients that already have a website, are having a developer create one for them or want to use one of our onboard sire builder tools to build their own website. 


Our Website Hosting Packages start at just... $25 per month 

We have dealt with website hosting providers for 15+ years and we've seen all levels of service. Most were inadequate for one reason or another. That's why we offer our clients top of the line hosting services at reasonable rates. We are reliable, proactive and responsive. Our web host accounts are feature rich and we're committed to being a provider that you can count on and talk to when you need to.

We are not an economy webhost service. We cater to clients that want hands on service, good security and responsive support. There are plenty of options online for website hosting. If you're looking for economy, we can direct you to that. Our clients choose to do business with us because we they don't want to have to worry about reliability or whether someone will be there to help them when they need it. When you host with us we answer your questions, offer our advice, help you troubleshoot when necessary, in short, we're here for you. We monitor our servers for problems and most of the time, we quietly take care of issues that come up. If your website gets hacked (yes! it happens all the time!), we are usually the first to know it. In low level hacks, we just take care of it and you don't have to worry about a thing. Like all of our services, we treat our website host customers like business partners. We look out for your best interest at all times. You just won't get that level of service with a economy based, big box provider. If personalized service is important to you, we invite you to check out our website hosting options.Our website host accounts use cPanel for administration. If you want to transfer your website to one of our host accounts, we will transfer it for you at no cost if your existing webhost account is also using cPanel. If you need help determining whether your site qualifies for a free transfer, we're happy to help you sort through it. 

We offer our clients a plethora of options and we take security very seriously. We are Cloudflare partners and we offer Cloudflare services integrated into your web account. Our accounts come standard with all of the Linux based features you can expect in the webhosting industry.

We do not allow streaming video or audio in basic or business level packages. 

We also offer bundled services that include website development, SEO, video development, text message marketing, email list marketing, direct mail and apps. Don't worry, we will help you decide what services will give your business a return on investment. 

If you aren't sure what website host package is best for you, we're happy to help you decide. We also offer host setup services. (included in development fees for our website design clients) All website hosting packages are set up manually by us for you. If you are interested in a host package, please contact us directly so we can customize the account and set it up for you. 

The Basic Hosting Package is ideal for clients that do not expect high traffic to their website and can handle their own website management and maintenance in-house.  This is a DIY managed webhost account. That means that we provide guidance and support via email but there is no hands on support included. When you have a question or need, you reach out to us and we will provide you direction to the best of our ability along with resources to help you sort through it yourself. We do offer our basic webhost clients a discount on our hourly rate for hands on support. 

The Standard Website Package is ideal for the proactive business that uses their webs presence to increase their customer base and revenues. It includes all of the same things that you get with the Basic host account plus up to an hour of hands on updates, training and site maintenance each month. Additional time can be purchased at a deep discount from our rack hourly rate. 

The Managed VPS Hosting Package is designed for the high traffic volume client. We discuss VPS accounts individually with our clients.


We also offer Managed Dedicated Hosting accounts. Please inquire for more information if you think your web presence requires a dedicated host environment. 


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